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Keep your customers informed with live, up-to-date GPS/AVL data

Real-time fleet intelligence solutions provide agencies with the ability to maintain accountability and transparency while ensuring high levels of customers service.

The benefits of such a solution are wide-reaching, however, one of the greatest aspects of a fleet management solution is the consolidation of mission-critical information that when shared with constituents/customers offers unparalleled transparency of how an agency is meeting the levels of service they have committed to provide.

Webtech Wireless customers have the ability to convey this customer-facing data in two ways:

  • Port sub-sets of their operational information over to a public website, such as the one operated by the City of Vaughan.
  • Utilize Webtech Wireless’ mobile government application, Webtech 511 to provide even more accessibility to customers. The City of Mississauga and the City of Buffalo are great examples – download the “Mississauga Roads” and/or “Buffalo Roads Conditions” applications from iTunes or Google Play to experience them firsthand.

Using data your GPS/AVL solution is already gathering can ensure your customers, media, public services and elected officials have access to relevant, real-time information to help them navigate their days as efficiently as possible.

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Webtech Wireless provides fleet management telematics, GPS and automatic vehicle location (AVL) solutions that improve efficiency, accountability and reduce costs. Our end-to-end solutions automate record keeping and operational compliance, reduce fuel burn and idling, mitigate risk, and keep drivers safe. Our solutions and products provide advanced fleet management solutions for winter maintenance, public works and waste management fleets.