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Public Sector GPS/AVL tracking as a customer service tool
Adding to the numerous operational benefits provided by a real-time Internet-based GPS/AVL system, www.whereismysnowplow.com is an add-on that presents your constituents with a window on winter road maintenance.

It is a unique customer service tool that allows your constituents, media and elected officials to help themselves to information about snow clearing activities as they happen -- and free up your staff time to take care of business.

Whereismysnowplow can be used to aid a variety of resident's decisions and most typically to answer questions related to 'how come my street is not cleared.' Generally, it provides an additional measure of understanding and comfort that activity is taking place.

These sites have spin-offs related to public education and public accountability. They allow stakeholders to witness the level of resources required to keep streets passable during winter storm events. It helps reinforce to target audiences that "we only do the amazing, not the impossible".

Whereismysnowplow is pared-down version of fully functional Operation's log-in. Public sites show only limited information (ex. vehicle type, time etc.) as determined by you and have only limited functionality.

Webtech Wireless Inc. has provided real-time Internet-based GPS/AVL solutions. Our flagship product, InterFleet® has been focused on public sector applications and field service such as public works, transit, waste management and utilities. For more information visit www.interfleet.com.


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